Configure phone number modifiers

Updated: October 14, 2010

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 7

You can use this procedure to insert special characters into dialing commands to force dialing behaviors you need to successfully complete your calls.

Any user account can be used to complete this procedure.

To configure phone number modifiers

  1. Open the Network Connections folder and view available connections.

  2. Right-click the dial-up connection you want to configure, and then click Properties.

  3. On the General tab, modify the phone number by using one or more characters from the following list.

Character Function

, (comma)

Pauses briefly (two seconds for most modems) before continuing.


Switches from touch-tone to pulse/rotary dialing.


Switches from pulse/rotary to touch-tone dialing.


Waits for a calling card prompt tone.

For example, when you dial in from a hotel room, you might have to add 9 to the number you are calling to get an outside line. Your number might look similar to the following number:


The comma after the 9 gives a pause long enough to get an outside line before continuing to dial the full number.

Additional considerations

  • By selecting the Use dialing rules check box, and then clicking Dialing Rules, you can create a Location for which specific dialing rules automatically apply. For example, if you frequently connect from home and need to disable call waiting, you can create a location for use from home that automatically dials the code to disable call waiting before the connection call is placed.

  • If you see unfamiliar characters being dialed before your number, check to make sure the Use dialing rules check box is not selected, or ensure that the location selected is relevant to the location from which you are dialing. If an incorrect location is selected, a location may be enforcing a dialing rule that you do not need. For example, a location might be selected that always dials 1 to accommodate long distance dialing.

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