Administration Queues

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Administration queues

Administration queues are application-generated queues used to store system-generated negative and positive acknowledgment messages that are created by Message Queuing or connector applications. They are specified programmatically in the original messages by the sending application. Any available nontransactional queue can be specified as an administration queue. Administration queues do not contain administrative messages, which are stored in internal private queues. For more information about acknowledgment messages, see Message Types.

The system-generated acknowledgment messages returned to these queues can indicate whether a message arrived at its destination queue, whether it was retrieved from the destination queue, or both. Each acknowledgment message contains information that describes what triggered the acknowledgment and to which message the acknowledgment refers. When requesting acknowledgment messages, the sending application must specify the queue to be used as the administration queue and the acknowledgment level of the message. Typically, an administration queue is a local queue so that the sending application can read the acknowledgment messages locally.