NPS Accounting Request Message Processing

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Network Policy Server (NPS) receives accounting request messages from configured RADIUS clients. Depending on the accounting configuration of the server running NPS, the accounting request will be logged in either a log file or a SQL Server database.


Event ID Source Message



Network Policy Server discarded the request for a user.

Contact the Network Policy Server administrator for more information.

%tSecurity ID:%t%t%t%1
%tAccount Name:%t%t%t%2
%tAccount Domain:%t%t%t%3
%tFully Qualified Account Name:%t%4

Client Machine:
%tSecurity ID:%t%t%t%5
%tAccount Name:%t%t%t%6
%tFully Qualified Account Name:%t%7
%tCalled Station Identifier:%t%t%9
%tCalling Station Identifier:%t%t%10

%tNAS IPv4 Address:%t%t%11
%tNAS IPv6 Address:%t%t%12
%tNAS Identifier:%t%t%t%13
%tNAS Port-Type:%t%t%t%14
%tNAS Port:%t%t%t%15

RADIUS Client:
%tClient Friendly Name:%t%t%16
%tClient IP Address:%t%t%t%17

Authentication Details:
%tProxy Policy Name:%t%t%18
%tNetwork Policy Name:%t%t%19
%tAuthentication Provider:%t%t%20
%tAuthentication Server:%t%t%21
%tAuthentication Type:%t%t%22
%tEAP Type:%t%t%t%23
%tAccount Session Identifier:%t%t%24
%tReason Code:%t%t%t%25

Network Policy Server (NPS)

Network Policy Server Infrastructure