Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Network Policy Server (NPS) can be used as a RADIUS proxy to provide the routing of RADIUS messages between RADIUS clients (access servers) and RADIUS servers that perform user authentication, authorization, and accounting for the connection attempt. When used as a RADIUS proxy, NPS is a central switching or routing point through which RADIUS access and accounting messages flow. NPS records information about forwarded messages in an accounting log.


The following is a list of all aspects that are part of this managed entity:

Name Description

NPS Proxy Configuration

When Network Policy Server (NPS) is configured as a RADIUS proxy, remote RADIUS server IP addresses must be configured correctly so that the NPS proxy can forward connection requests to the remote RADIUS servers. If the NPS proxy is configured with incorrect IP addresses for the remote RADIUS servers, connection requests cannot be forwarded and authentication will fail.

Remote RADIUS Server Availability

When Network Policy Server (NPS) is configured as a RADIUS proxy, it must be able to contact remote RADIUS servers. Remote RADIUS servers must be available to the NPS proxy so that the proxy can forward connection requests to the RADIUS servers for processing.

Remote RADIUS Server Configuration

When you configure Network Policy Server (NPS) as a RADIUS proxy, you must configure remote RADIUS server groups on the NPS proxy. In addition, you must configure the remote RADIUS servers to communicate with the NPS proxy by adding it as a RADIUS client on the remote RADIUS server. If these configurations are not correct, connection request forwarding and processing cannot occur, and authentication will fail..

Remote RADIUS Server Response Status

When you configure Network Policy Server (NPS) as a RADIUS proxy, remote RADIUS server responses received by the NPS proxy must be valid. If remote RADIUS server responses are not valid, the NPS proxy cannot communicate with the RADIUS server, which might cause connection request processing failure.

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