Troubleshoot the Connection Profile Build Process

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012

Occasionally the connection profile build process fails. Some of the common causes for build failures are:

  • The CMAK wizard cannot find one or more of the files you referenced. It is good practice to always browse to and select the file you want referenced, rather than typing the path and name manually. Browsing and selecting builds the path and name automatically.

  • The CMAK wizard cannot create a folder or file required during the compilation process. The CMAK wizard runs in the security context of the currently logged on user. If the user does not have the permissions to create a file or folder, then the CMAK wizard cannot create it. The CMAK wizard creates its profiles in the %PROGRAMFILES%\CMAK\Profiles folder, under either Vista or Downlevel subfolder, based on your selection on the Select the Target Operating System page. If your user account does not have permissions to read or write to these folders, then the build fails.

  • For more information about troubleshooting CMAK, see on the Microsoft Web site.