comboBox Element

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The comboBox element represents a combo box parameter. The comboBox element must be associated with a text element defined in the elements element.


     <comboBox refId="<placeholderID>" noSort ="true|false" >
       <label> … </label>
       <default> … </default>
       <suggestion> … </suggestion>


Attributes Required Description

refId Attribute


A mapping to the element.

noSort Attribute


If true, display the suggested values in the defined order of the suggestion elements; otherwise, sort the suggested values in alphabetical order. If not specified, the noSort attribute will be set to false.

Child elements

Element Required Description

label Element


String label for the parameter.

default Element


A default string displayed in the combo box parameter.

suggestion Element


A string listed in the drop-down list of the combo box parameter.


For simplicity of documentation, nested elements located one level down, known as child elements, will only be described for a given element.


The comboBox element is associated with a combo box parameter in the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) and the Local Group Policy Editor. The comboBox element will require a matching text element in the corresponding .admx file with matching id attribute as declared in the presentation element containing the comboBox element.

The label element, default element, and suggestion element must be defined in the order shown in the syntax section. If the order of the child elements of the comboBox element is not correctly specified, the GPMC and the Local Group Policy Editor will display an error message.


This XML fragment is an example of a comboBox element with default text displayed in the text box parameter when the policy setting is enabled. The noSort attribute is set to true which will cause the suggestion elements to be displayed in the same order as listed in the comboBox element.

        <comboBox refId="Sample_ComboBox_Filename" noSort="true" >
          <label>Sample Executable File Name</label>
          <suggestion>Filename A</suggestion>
          <suggestion>Filename B</suggestion>

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