Enabling multicast logging

You must specify the URL of the Web server location where you placed the Windows Media Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) logging application (wmsiislog.dll). This DLL must be configured to be executed by Internet Information Services (IIS) so that it can log information about clients that connect to your multicast.

  • Yes, enable logging for this publishing point. Select this option to log information about your multicast streaming session.

  • Logging URL. Type the logging URL in the text box. The logging URL is the URL of wmsiislog.dll. For example, if you have placed the DLL in the scripts directory of wwwroot, the URL would be http://*web\_server*/scripts/wmsiislog.dl.


The logging URL can also be modified in the WMS Multicast Data Writer plug-in Properties page. Changes made to the plug-in properties after creation of the multicast information file invalidate the announcement file and require that you run the announcement wizard again to update the file.

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