Announcing content

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

Before you can stream content, you need to let your users know that it is available by using an announcement. An announcement is a Windows Media metafile with an .asx extension that provides the Player with the information needed to connect to a Windows Media server to receive content. You can place a link to an announcement on a Web page, make the announcement available in a shared file, or send an announcement in an e-mail message. Users can access your content either by clicking the link to the announcement on a Web page or by opening the announcement directly. The announcement wizards on the Announce tab of the Windows Media Services snap-in help you create announcement files (.asx files) and multicast information files (.nsc files) that players can use connect to your content. The wizards can also help you create a Web page with an embedded Windows Media Player control or provide you with the syntax to embed a Player in your own Web page.

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