Distribute Your Connection Profile to Your Users

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012

The CMAK wizard compiles the connection profile into a single executable file with an .exe file name extension. You can deliver this .exe file to your users through any method available to you. Some methods you can consider are:

  • Include the connection profile as part of the image included with new computers.

    You can install your connection profile as part of the client computer images installed on new computer for your organization.

  • Deliver the connection profile on removable media for the user to install manually.

    You can deliver the connection profile installation program on a floppy disk, CD-ROM, USB flash drive, or any other removable media that you permit your users to access. Some removable media support "autorun" capabilities, which allow you to start the installation as soon as the media is inserted into the client computer.

  • Deliver the connection profile with automated software distribution tools.

    Many organizations use a desktop management and software deployment tool like Microsoft® Systems Management Server (SMS). SMS allows you to package and deploy software needed by your client computers. The installation can be invisible to your users, and the success or failure of the installation reported back to the management console.

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