Microsoft Clearinghouse

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The Microsoft Clearinghouse is the facility that Microsoft maintains to activate Terminal Services license servers, issue Terminal Services client access licenses (TS CALs) to license servers, recover TS CALs, and deactivate or reactivate license servers. The Microsoft Clearinghouse stores information about all activated license servers and TS CALs that have been issued.

The Microsoft Clearinghouse is accessed directly when you choose the Automatic connection method for the Activate Server Wizard or the Install Licenses Wizard in the TS Licensing Manager tool.

If you do not have Internet connectivity, you can also contact the Microsoft Clearinghouse by telephone. For more information, see Locate the Microsoft Clearinghouse Telephone Number for Your Country or Region.

You cannot purchase TS CALs through the Microsoft Clearinghouse. For information about purchasing TS CALs, see Purchase Client Access Licenses (


After you purchase TS CALs, make sure that you retain the License Purchase Agreement information. Having this information with you will facilitate communication with the Microsoft Clearinghouse should you need assistance with recovering TS CALs or with other TS Licensing tasks that are supported by the Microsoft Clearinghouse.

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