User Interface Improvements Related to MS DTC

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Starting with Windows Server 2008, clustered Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) resources are grouped differently than local MS DTCs in the Component Services snap-in. If the Cluster service is installed on a server computer, any MS DTC resources for the cluster group that the computer is a member of appear under the Clustered DTCs folder in the Component Services console tree. The following illustration shows an example of this folder with two member clustered MS DTC resources.

Another change for Windows Server 2008 appears on the MSDTC tab in the My Computer properties on computers that are part of a failover cluster. In situations in which clustering is not present, you can use the Default Coordinator section of this tab to either select the Use local coordinator check box (by default, it is enabled) or clear this check box to specify a remote coordinator on a different computer. When clustering is present on the local server computer, this section is used instead for the Cluster Default Coordinator settings, and you can select which MS DTC resource (if there are more than one) to use as the default coordinator for the failover cluster.