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Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Windows Media Services uses publishing points to translate client requests for content into a physical path on the server hosting the content. After a client successfully connects to a publishing point, your Windows Media server manages the connection and streams the content.

Windows Media Services includes two types of publishing points: on-demand publishing points and broadcast publishing points. Either type can be configured to deliver a stream from one of several types of sources, such as a file, a playlist, or a live stream from an encoder. One Windows Media server can be configured to run multiple publishing points, hosting a combination of on-demand and broadcast content.

The two types of publishing point are similar in many ways, but have a few important differences. In general, you would use an on-demand publishing point if you want the client to control playback; a broadcast publishing point if you want to control playback on the server. This section provides more information about streaming content to users from publishing point on your Windows Media Server.

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