You Cannot Connect to Network Drives by Using Current Logon Credentials

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

This problem typically occurs when you log on to a Telnet server by using NTLM authentication with a user ID and password that also grants permissions to a network resource on another server on the same network as the Telnet server.


Because of a limitation in NTLM authentication, Telnet Server cannot automatically pass your credentials to the server hosting the network resource.


From within the Telnet Client session, connect to the network resource specifying the credentials you want to use, even if they are the same credentials that you used to log on to the Telnet Server. For example, if the resource is a mapped drive, you can use the following command to request the mapping with a specific user ID:

net user x**: \\servername\**sharename **/user:**usernamepassword

You can substitute an asterisk (*) for the password to have Windows securely prompt you instead of typing it on the command line and showing it on the screen.

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