You Cannot Retrieve Messages from a Queue

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Describes a specific problem with Message Queuing. Includes step-by-step instructions for fixing the problem.

This problem typically occurs when attempting to receive messages from a Message Queuing queue for which access rights are restricted. When this problem occurs, attempts to receive messages from a queue are rejected.


The default permission is not to grant everyone the Receive Message permission, which is required to retrieve messages from a Message Queuing queue. Therefore, the default setting will prevent users or groups that are not specifically granted the Receive Message permission from retrieving messages from a Message Queuing queue. It is not sufficient to have the Peek Message permission granted for the queue.


Follow these steps to grant the appropriate permissions to the receiver.

To grant appropriate permissions to the receiver

  1. Click Start, point to Run, type compmgmt.msc, and press ENTER to display the Computer Management MMC console.

  2. In the console tree, right-click the applicable queue.


    • Computer Management/Services and Applications/Message Queuing/YourQueueFolder (Public Queues or Private Queues)/YourQueue
  3. Click Properties.

  4. Click the Security tab.

  5. Select a group or user account from the list of accounts under Group or user names. If the account is not already listed click Add to add the appropriate group or user account and then select the account.

  6. Grant the Receive Message permission to the selected account.


After following the steps listed above, verify that you can receive messages from the specified Message Queuing queue.

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