Completing the Multicast Announcement Wizard

Click Finish to complete the wizard. The wizard may create the following types of files:

  • Multicast information file (.nsc). The file that contains the stream format information and multicast address.

  • Announcement file (.asx). The redirector file that points the player to the multicast information file.

  • Web page (.htm). The Web page with the embedded Windows Media Player ActiveX control and a link to the multicast information file.

Optionally, you can select the following check boxes to perform the following tasks after the wizard has created the announcement files:

  • Test files when this wizard finishes. Select to open a test page immediately after this page closes. The test page provides an easy way for you to verify that the files created by the announcement wizard are ready for use.

  • Start publishing point when wizard finishes. Select to have the publishing point start sending out the stream when the wizard finishes.


If you want to select the Test files when this wizard finishes option at the end of the wizard, you must either enable Internet Information Services (IIS) on your computer or save the .nsc file to a computer that has IIS enabled or to a public Universal Naming Convention (UNC) share location. Then, on the Specify URL to Multicast Information File page, select the Network share option.