Saving the multicast announcement files

Depending on the selections you made in the wizard, you must name and save some or all of the following types of files:

  • Multicast information file name. Enter a name and location for the multicast information file or accept the default. The file must have an .nsc file name extension. This file contains information a player needs to access and decode the stream, such as the IP address, port, and stream format. You should save this file to a location that can be accessed by clients when they are connecting to your multicast broadcast, such as a network shared folder or a Web folder. Clients must obtain this file before they can receive a multicast stream.

  • Announcement file name. Enter a name and location for the announcement file or accept the default. This file directs clients to the multicast information file. It can either be directly opened by the player or embedded within a Web page. If you are going to use your announcement file with a Web page, make sure to save it in a location that is accessible to your Web server and clients.

  • Web page with embedded player. Enter a name and location for the Web page or accept the default. This is an automatically generated Web page with an embedded Player control that a user can use to access the multicast stream. You should save this file in a location that can be referenced by your Web server.

  • Copy syntax for embedding a player to clipboard. Select this check box if you want to copy the HTML code for the embedded Player control to the Clipboard. You can then use the code as part of an existing Web page.


If you make the multicast information file available on your Web server, be sure to either configure the Web server to not allow caching of the file or to require a "freshness" check when cached by a client. This will prevent players from using multicast information that is outdated.


If you want to select the Test files when this wizard finishes option at the end of the wizard, you must either enable Internet Information Services (IIS) on your computer or save the .nsc file to a computer that has IIS enabled or to a public Universal Naming Convention (UNC) share location. Then, on the Specify URL to Multicast Information File page, select the Network share option.


The server does not use your user account to access folders and other resources; it uses the Network Service account by default. If you are saving files to a location other than %systemdrive%\WMPub and its subdirectories, make sure that the folder is shared and that the Network Service account has Read and Write permissions for the folder. If the Network Service account does not have permissions for a folder, the server will not be able to save files to it. For more information, see About rights.