Event preparation

Updated: October 4, 2007

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

Regardless of the type of live broadcast event, you should set a predetermined start and end time. By setting a start time, you can let your audience know when the broadcast will take place.

Placement of the broadcast equipment is also an important factor in the planning process. The movement of your digital media capture device is restricted by the cable that connects it to the encoding computer. The encoding computer, in turn, must be networked to the computer running Windows Media Services, which of course must have access to a network or the Internet so that your audience can receive the stream.

If you intend to broadcast or rebroadcast copyrighted material, ensure that you have the proper permissions and licenses.

To make your live broadcast available to users after it ends, consider archiving the broadcast so you can either rebroadcast the content or provide it on demand.

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