Specifying an archive location

An archive is a recording of your broadcast stream. If you choose to create an archive of your broadcast, the archive is saved to a file that can be played back later or made available as on-demand content. This page contains the following options:

  • Do you want to create an archive for your multicast? If you click No, an archive file will not be created. If you click Yes, an archive file will be created and saved to the location you specify.

  • Archive location. Type the location where you want the file to be saved. You can specify a name for the archive file or use the default. The default archive name is Archive_<Y><M><D>.asf. When the archive file is created <Y>, <M>, and <D> are replaced with the year, month, and date that the archive file was created. For more information about the wildcard characters that can be used in file names, see Archive wildcard characters reference.

  • Automatically start archiving when publishing point starts. Select this check box if you want the archive to start when the publishing point starts.


The server does not use your user account to access folders and other resources; it uses the Network Service account by default. If you are saving files to a location other than %systemdrive%\WMPub and its subdirectories, make sure that the folder is shared and that the Network Service account has Read and Write permissions for the folder. If the Network Service account does not have permissions for a folder, the server will not be able to save files to it. For more information, see About rights.

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