Installing Message Queuing Computers

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista

This section provides information about installing different types of Message Queuing computers, and the platforms that support them. For details, see the following links:

Note that for the purposes of this documentation, the term Message Queuing server refers to a family computer that has Message Queuing installed on it. The term Message Queuing client can refer to either an independent client or a dependent client. Both of these terms are used to describe Message Queuing servers that have particular Message Queuing components installed. Such computers are referred to as having independent client functionality or dependent client functionality.


Message Queuing 5.0 cannot be installed as a dependent client. A Windows Server 2008 R2 computer with Message Queuing 5.0 installed can still act as a supporting server for computers with earlier versions of Message Queuing that are installed as a dependent client. Message Queuing 5.0 only supports dependent clients that are installed on the Windows 2003 (or later) operating system.
Since support for versions of Windows earlier than Windows 2000 has been deprecated upon the release of Windows Server 2008, Message Queuing 4.0 only supports dependent clients that are installed on the Windows 2000 (or later) operating system.