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When you add a publishing point to your Windows Media server, you identify the source and location of the content in the publishing point path. The paths can refer to a number of different data sources, which are explained in this section.

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Reference for content sources

Sourcing from playlists

Sourcing from files

Sourcing from a directory

Sourcing from an encoder

Sourcing from a remote publishing point

Sourcing from a multicast broadcast

Sourcing from Windows 2000 Server


Any data source accessed must have the appropriate permissions settings for Windows Media Services to retrieve the content from the location. By default, Windows Media Services uses the Network Service account when responding to network authentication and authorization requests. The Network Service account should be granted Read permissions for any data source you want to use with Windows Media Services. For more information, see About rights.


Windows Media Services use data source plug-ins to control the ability to stream content from a variety of sources. You can configure data source plug-in properties to modify the way Windows Media Services retrieves content over your network.

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