TS Session Broker

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

What is TS Session Broker?

Terminal Services Session Broker (TS Session Broker) is a role service in Windows Server 2008 that keeps track of user sessions in a load-balanced terminal server farm. The TS Session Broker database stores session state information that includes session IDs, their associated user names, and the name of the server where each session resides. TS Session Broker uses this information to redirect users who have an existing session to the terminal server where their session exists.

If the TS Session Broker Load Balancing feature is enabled, TS Session Broker also tracks the number of user sessions on each terminal server in the farm, and directs new sessions to the terminal server with the fewest sessions.

Why use TS Session Broker?

TS Session Broker provides the following advantages:

  • Allows a user to reconnect to an existing session in a load-balanced terminal server farm. This prevents a user with a disconnected session from being connected to a different server in the farm and starting a new session.

  • Enables you to evenly distribute the session load between terminal servers in the farm.

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