Checklist: Configure CAs to Issue and Manage Certificates

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Most organizations deploy an offline root certification authority (CA) and one or more subordinate CAs as a public key infrastructure (PKI). After these CAs have been installed on servers, a number of follow-up steps must be completed before the PKI can be used to issue, support, and manage certificates. These follow-up tasks involve setting up certificate revocation options, configuring certificates or certificate templates, and configuring enrollment and issuance options.

Task Reference

Plan the PKI.

Public Key Infrastructures

Set up a stand-alone or enterprise root CA.

Install a Root Certification Authority

Set up additional subordinate CAs. (Optional)

Install a Subordinate Certification Authority

Complete additional CA configuration tasks.

Managing a Certification Authority

Install and configure certificate templates.

Managing Certificate Templates

Configure certificate enrollment.

Managing Certificate Enrollment