WMS Active Script Event Handler

The WMS Active Script Event Handler plug-in enables you to attach a custom script that you can use to provide feedback about events on your Windows Media server. You can write the script in any scripting language that supports the Microsoft ActiveX scripting interfaces; for example, Microsoft JScript, Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), Perl, PScript, and Python. You can configure the following options on the General tab for this plug-in.

Item Description

File name of script to run

Type the name of the script file that you want to run. In the Windows Media Services snap-in, you can also click Browse to locate the file.

Debugging information

Settings in this area determine whether or not you will use a debugger with your script file.

Enable script debugging

Select this option to attach the Microsoft Script Debugger to your script file. If an error is encountered while running the script, the debugger stops the script, traps the error, and presents the error in a dialog box to enable you to troubleshoot the problem.

Last script error information

Settings in this area provide information about the last error encountered when the specified script was run.

Line number

Displays the line number in the script file where the error was encountered.

Character Column

Displays the character number in the line where the error was encountered.

Most recent error message

Displays the error code that the scripting engine encountered.


To enable script debugging, a script debugger must be installed on your server and the proper script engine must be installed for the debugger to work correctly. If you use another scripting language, be sure to install the proper script engine. For more information, see Scripting.


Microsoft Script Debugger does not work with the Network Service account. To use the Microsoft Script Debugger with Windows Media Services, you must configure Windows Media Services to use the Local System account. When using the Local System account, Windows Media Services will have limited access to network resources that require authentication when those resources are referenced by using IP addresses. Remember to set Windows Media Services to use the Network Service account when debugging is complete to resume normal operation.

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