Connector Queues

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Connector queues

Connector queues receive messages sent to destinations on foreign computers. Such queues reside on Message Queuing servers running a connector application, which enables the foreign computers to communicate with other Message Queuing computers in your network. Such servers typically have two connector queues: one used for transactional messages and one used for nontransactional messages. When a Message Queuing client sends a message to a foreign computer, the message is first routed to a connector queue. The connector application then retrieves, converts, and forwards the message to the foreign computer.

Connector queues are created implicitly. They are not published in Active Directory Domain Services and are transparent to the Message Queuing applications sending messages to a foreign queue. From the standpoint of applications, sending a message to a foreign queue is identical to sending a message to a Message Queuing queue. A foreign queue is a part of the foreign messaging system but is exposed to the Message Queuing environment.

For more information about communicating with foreign computers, see Foreign Computers and Sites.