Working with plug-ins and properties

If you select a plug-in or property that is configurable, you can use the following buttons to perform common tasks:

  • Enable. Enables the plug-in or property on the server.

  • Disable. Disables the plug-in or property on the server.

  • Remove plug-in. Marks the plug-in for removal from the list. The plug-in is not removed until you stop or start the server. You cannot remove the last instance of a core system plug-in.

  • Duplicate plug-in. Makes a copy of the selected plug-in, including its configuration.

  • View properties. Displays the properties of the item. Some items do not have configurable settings.

  • Refresh list. (Windows Media Services snap-in only) Reloads all of the registered plug-ins in the selected category.

For Windows Media Services Administrator for the Web

Use the following button and setting to configure additional plug-in or property options:

  • Rename plug-in. Allows you to rename a plug-in.

  • Select interval. Sets how often the page is refreshed. This setting is found in the Page Loaded area. Select an interval value from never to 60 minutes.


Some options can be set at both the publishing point level and the server level. If a publishing point setting conflicts with a server setting, the server setting overrides the publishing point setting.