Installing Logging Agent

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Multicast and Advertisement Logging Agent (Wmsiislog.dll) is an Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) logging application extension that runs on a Web server and receives client usage logs for multicast broadcasts and collects client data by using the LogURL attribute in playlists.

The ISAPI extension requires certain role services from the Web server (IIS) role; therefore, installing the Logging Agent role service also installs the required Web server role services. A Web server will bind to port 80 and can prevent a Windows Media server from using the port for HTTP streaming; therefore, you should not install Logging Agent on a Windows Media server. If you cannot install Logging Agent on a separate computer, make sure that Windows Media Services and Internet Information Services (IIS) are allocated unique ports for HTTP streaming or assign additional IP addresses to the server. This enables each service to have its own IP address and still use port 80. For more information, see Using HTTP streaming and other services on the same computer.

Logging Agent must be installed by an administrator to allow it to write its properties to the registry. For more information about how to configure the ISAPI logging extension properties, see ISAPI properties reference.

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