policies Element

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The policies element is a table of policy elements.


    <policy> … </policy>


There are no attributes associated with this element.

Child elements

Element Required Description

policy Element


Represents a single policy setting.


For simplicity of documentation, nested elements located one level down, known as child elements, will only be described for a given element.


If there are no policy elements to be specified in this .admx file, you can omit the policies element. If you include the policies element in the .admx file, you must define at least one policy element. The policies element is defined at most once in an .admx file.


This XML fragment is an example of a single unique policy setting that sets a registry value to a decimal number, based on the policy setting enabled, disabled, or not configured state.

    <policy name="<placeholder for logical or friendly name>"   
     displayName="$( string.<placeholder for policy text>)"
     explainText="$( string.<placeholder for help text>)"
     key="<placeholder for registry key>" 
      <parentCategory ref="SAMPLE" />
      <supportedOn ref="SUPPORTED_ProductOnly" />
        <decimal value="1" />
        <decimal value="0" />

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