Failover Cluster Configuration Availability

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The cluster configuration database contains essential information for the function of a failover cluster. A copy of the cluster configuration database is maintained on each node. If the quorum configuration for the cluster includes a witness disk, a copy of the cluster configuration database is also maintained on the witness disk. The Cluster service replicates the latest version of the cluster configuration database to all locations where it is stored.


Event ID Source Message



The cluster database could not be loaded due to error '%1' on node '%2'. The file may be missing or corrupt. Automatic repair might be attempted.



The Cluster service cannot be started on this node because a registry operation failed with error '%1'.



The failover cluster database could not be unloaded. If restarting the cluster service does not fix the problem, please restart the machine.



An attempt to forcibly start the cluster service has failed because the cluster configuration data on this node is either missing or corrupt. Please first start the cluster service on another node that has an intact and valid copy of the cluster configuration data. Then, reattempt the start operation on this node (which will attempt to obtain updated valid configuration information automatically). If no other node is available, please use WBAdmin.msc to perform a System State Restore of this node in order to restore the configuration data.

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