Memory Leak Diagnoser

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

In Windows Vista, the Memory Leak Diagnoser component of Windows Resource Exhaustion Detection and Resolution (RADAR) provides information about applications that are diagnosed as having memory leaks. You must review these applications to determine if their linear increase in memory usage represents a true memory leak or if it is expected behavior.

The Memory Leak Diagnoser will not run on:

  • Services or applications that run in Protected Mode. If an application uses protected memory space, it cannot be monitored by the Memory Leak Diagnoser.
  • Services or applications that run in Elevated Mode. If an application runs with elevated privileges, the Memory Leak Diagnoser will not have sufficient permissions to monitor it.
  • Services or applications that cannot be shut down cleanly. If an application is in an unresponsive state or cannot process a request to close, the Memory Leak Diagnoser cannot take corrective action.
  • Versions of Microsoft Windows other than Windows Vista.


Event ID Source Message



Windows initiated memory leak diagnostics on %1.



Windows completed memory leak diagnostics on %1.



Windows failed to initiate memory leak diagnostics on %1.



Windows failed to complete memory leak diagnostics on %1.

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