DHCP Audit Logging

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers include several logging features and server parameters that provide enhanced auditing capabilities. You can specify the following features:

  • The file path in which the DHCP server stores audit log files. DHCP audit logs are located by default at %windir%\System32\Dhcp.
  • A maximum size restriction (in megabytes) for the total amount of disk space available for all audit log files created and stored by the DHCP service.
  • An interval for disk checking that is used to determine how many times the DHCP server writes audit log events to the log file before checking for available disk space on the server.
  • A minimum size requirement (in megabytes) for server disk space that is used during disk checking to determine if sufficient space exists for the server to continue audit logging.


Event ID Source Message



The audit log file cannot be appended.



The DHCP service failed to initialize the audit log. The following error occurred:



The audit log file could not be backed up. The following error occurred:



The DHCP service was unable to access path specified for the audit log.

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