WinRM Service

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The WinRM service processes WSMan requests received over the network. It uses HTTP.sys to listen on the network.


The following is a list of all aspects that are part of this managed entity:

Name Description


You can configure various aspects of the WinRM service. The configuration information is stored in the registry.

Delivery of remote events using "Push" method

The WinRM Subscription Client enables remote computers to push events to the Windows Event collector service.

Listener Availability

The Listener is a component of the WinRM service that indicates to the service which IP addresses and ports to listen on for WS-Management related requests. Users can create one or more listeners.

Migration of WinRM service configuration

You can migrate WinRM service configuration when performing PC-to-PC migration or upgrades. For example, if a computer is configured to use WS-Management and a user wants to migrate the same configuration to another computer, the issues that can be encountered when doing this migration are modeled in this aspect.

Plug-in Functionality

Plug-ins are loaded and used by the WinRM service to provide various functions including: configuration, WMI access, and event forwarding.

Management Infrastructure