Managing Zone Settings

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Most of the Domain Name System (DNS) zone settings that you can change control how the zone is transferred between primary and secondary servers. You can change the following zone transfer settings for a zone:

  • Whether or not the zone is transferred to other servers and to which servers

  • The refresh interval, which is how often the zone is transferred

  • The retry interval, which is how long servers wait to request a transfer after a failed attempt

  • The expire interval, which is how long the zone data is considered valid when it is not renewed

  • The list of servers that are notified when a zone changes

You can also modify other settings in the start of authority (SOA) resource record for a zone, and you can change the name of the file that stores zone data when the zone is not integrated with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS).

To complete this task, you can perform the following procedures: