Adding a DNS Server

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

If you are installing Domain Name System (DNS) with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard (Dcpromo.exe) that you use to install a domain controller also automatically installs and configures a local DNS server. This wizard installs the DNS Server service on the computer where the wizard is running, and it configures the computer's preferred DNS server setting to use the new local DNS server. Configure any other computers that join this domain to use this DNS server's IP address as their preferred DNS server. For information about using the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard to install the DNS Server role, see Managing Server Integration with AD DS.

We recommend that you manually configure the computer to use a static IP address before you run the Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard. If you configure the DNS server to use dynamic addresses that are assigned by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), when the DHCP server assigns a new IP address to the DNS server, the DNS clients that are configured to use that DNS server's previous IP address will not be able to resolve the previous IP address and locate the DNS server.

If you are installing DNS on a member server, use the procedures in this task.

To complete this task, perform the following procedures:

  1. Install a DNS Server

  2. Configure a New DNS Server