Provide Federated Users with Access to Your Web Applications by Configuring the Federation Service

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

When you are the resource partner administrator and you have a deployment goal to provide federated access to an application that resides in your organization (the resource partner organization), federated users both in your organization and in organizations that have configured a federation trust to your organization can access the Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)–secured application that is hosted by your organization.

To set up this environment, you perform administrative tasks for installing a federation server and configuring the Federation Service in the resource partner organization. The following table provides links to the checklists that you need to follow to install the first federation server in your organization, configure the Federation Service, and set up a federation trust with an account partner.

Preparing and configuring a federation server for federation

Step Reference

Configure the federation server to work with DNS, install and configure certificates, and verify that the server is functional.

Checklist: Installing a federation server

Configure the federation trust with an account partner organization.

Checklist: Configuring the resource partner organization