Create a New DHCP Scope

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

You can use this procedure to create a new DHCP scope.

Membership in the Administrators or DHCP Administrators group is the minimum required to complete this procedure.

To create a new DHCP scope

  1. Open the DHCP console.

  2. In the console tree, click the applicable DHCP server.

  3. On the Action menu, click New Scope.

  4. Follow the instructions in the New Scope Wizard.

Additional considerations

Before you create the scope, determine starting and ending IP addresses to be used within it.

Depending on the starting and ending IP addresses for your scope, the DHCP console suggests a default subnet mask useful for most networks. If you know a different subnet mask is required for your network, you can modify the value as needed.

When you finish creating a new scope, you might need to complete additional tasks, such as activating the scope for use or assigning scope options.