IIS UNC-Related Knowledge Base Articles for IIS 4.0 and IIS 5.0

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista

Historically, many of the problems that customers have encountered setting up UNC share arise from confusion about how to configure a Web server and file server to ensure secure and reliable access to the right resources, especially when using third-party file servers. For your reference, here is a list of some of the most common Knowledge Base articles related to configuring Windows 2000 Web servers hosting content on file servers.


Q197964: PRB: Cannot Access Remote Files with the FileSystemObject

Q286401: UNCAuthenticationPassThrough Support Limitation in IIS 5.0


Q215421: Incorrect Error Installing Server Extensions to a UNC Path

Q215459: Error Converting a UNC Virtual Directory to a Sub Web

File Change Notification

Q281253: File Change Notifications Are Lost When Content Is on a UNC Share

Q221790: IIS Runs Out of Work Items and Causes RPC Failures When Connecting to a Remote UNC Path

Q232476: Terminal Server Client Connections and Logon Limited by MaxWorkItem and MaxMpxCt Values

Q171148: MaxMpxCt and MaxCmds Limits in Windows 2000


Q280383: IIS Security Recommendations When You Use a UNC Share and Username and Password Credentials

Q257174: Using Mapped Drives with IIS

Q180362: INFO: Services and Redirected Drives

Q269009: Red Stop Sign Appears in MMC on UNC-Mapped Content Directory

Q222069: IIS 4.0 Requires Username and Password When Using a Remote Computer

Q207671: HOWTO: Accessing Network Files from IIS Applications

Q124184: Service Running as System Account Fails Accessing Network (Null Session Shares)

Interoperability: NOVELL

Q267283: Inetmgr Displays Screen Errors When a Virtual Server Is on a Novell Share

Q271214: Unable to Access FoxPro Databases on Netware 5 Server from IIS 5.0

Q271228: IIS 5.0: Unable to Obtain Data from Access Database Residing on Netware 5 Server Using ASP

Q285159: How to Create Virtual Directories to a Remote Novell NetWare Share

Q250502: Cannot Access Novell UNC Share When You Run a Program as a Service

Q250925: ASP Refresh Problems with IIS and a Network Appliance File Server