Checklist: Deploying DHCP Server

Updated: November 17, 2008

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Step Reference

Install the DHCP server.

Install DHCP

(Optional) Create exclusion ranges to prevent some IP addresses from being leased by the DHCP server. If you have network devices (such as printers, servers, or wireless access points) that must be configured with static IP addresses, create an exclusion range within the scope's address range; you can then assign static addresses to devices from the range of addresses excluded from distribution by the DHCP server.

Create an Exclusion Range of Addresses

Authorize the DHCP server in AD DS.

Authorize a DHCP Server in AD DS

Determine the IP address range or ranges for which DHCP will be needed to provide configuration service on your network.

Activate a DHCP Scope

If the DHCP server is multihomed, disable service bindings for any connection not to be used to listen and provide service to clients.

Set DHCP Server Bindings for Network Connections

Set DNS dynamic update policy for the DHCP server.

Enable DNS Dynamic Updates for Clients

(Optional) If you are using multiple scopes, configure any default option types for the server that should be inherited by all scopes. Server options are assigned to all DHCP clients that lease an IP address from any scope configured on the server.

Assign a Server-Based Option

Create a new scope and assign commonly used options, such as WINS and DNS servers (unless these are already configured as server options). Scope options are assigned only to DHCP clients that lease an IP address from the scope where the option is configured.

Create a New DHCP Scope

(Optional) Configure additional scope option types if you have subnets that need option configurations in addition to server options that are already configured.

Assign a Scope-Based Option

(Optional) Add reservations for clients that require a reserved IP address assigned by DHCP. Reservations assure that DHCP clients keep the same IP address and have DHCP options refreshed each time the client renews the IP address lease.

Add a Client Reservation

Activate the scope.

Activate a DHCP Scope