Windows Event Collector Service

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

The Event Collector service creates and maintains remote event subscriptions. Each subscription can connect to multiple remote computers that act as event sources, and each subscription can have an event filter associated with it so that only the events that are selected by the filter are delivered by the subscription. The Event Collector service persists the subscriptions, and the service and subscriptions can be managed by functions in the Event Collector software development kit (SDK).

The Event Collector service uses the WS-Management protocol to communicate with the event sources and to transfer events. The Event Collector service also uses the local Event Log service to save the events it receives.

Managed Entities

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Name Description

Event Subscriptions

An event subscription uses a query to filter events that are found in a set of event sources, and the events are delivered from the sources to the computer that started the subscription. The delivered events are stored in the local computer event log.


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Publishing Events

The function of the Event Collector service is to receive events from event sources, which are remote Windows computers, and to publish these events into a local event log. The ability to save the events depends on the settings for the Event Log service.

Management Infrastructure