Active Directory Integration Configuration

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

Directory Service Integration enables Message Queuing to function in domain mode. This makes possible the publication of queue properties to Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) (for public queues), out-of-the-box authentication, encryption of messages using certificates that are registered in AD DS, and routing of messages across Message Queuing sites.

The health of the initial Active Directory integration configuration process is important for Message Queuing. Integration with AD DS is required so that Message Queuing can use the features that the Message Queuing domain mode operation supports.


Event ID Source Message



Message Queuing was unable to create the msmq (MSMQ Configuration) object in Active Directory. Error %1: %2



The Message Queuing service was unable to obtain the properties of the msmq (MSMQ Configuration) object from Active Directory. Error %1: %2

MSMQ Service

Message Queuing