Event ID 502 — Receiving Events from an Event Subscription

Updated: August 5, 2011

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

Each event subscription can deliver events from multiple sources. The events are received from the remote event sources when those sources are active. Problems that occur with receiving events from subscriptions indicate that the events on the event source are published at a rate that cannot be handled by the event forwarding or receiving software.

Event Details

Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 502
Source: Microsoft-Windows-EventCollector
Version: 6.1
Message: The Subscription %1 detects dropped events. Some events are dropped during transmission from target machine %2. The number of dropped events are %3.


Avoid dropped events

When an event with the identifier equal to 502 is logged by the Event Collector service, then Event Collector service has determined that some events were never sent. The event source for these dropped events is identified by the computer name in the description of event 502.

To avoid dropped events an administrator can:

1. Decrease the number of events published on the event source. If events from the Security log of the event source computer are being read, you can adjust the audit setting to reduce the number of events.

2. Adjust the subscription query to collect fewer events from the event source. If the event source computer is busy, the number of events it transfers to the Event Collector may overload the receiver. A query can be used to filter some of the events so not as many events are returned.

3. The Event Collector can be receiving events from too many event sources and the cumulative number of the events received is too great for the Event Collector service to handle. In this case the administor should add an event collector computer to handle part of the load of returned events.


Use the Event Viewer to check the System log for an event with an identifier equal to 502. If the event does not show up again, then the Event Collector service can handle all the event streams it is configured to handle. It can be useful to attach a task to event 502 that can alert the administrator of this event. To attach a task to the event, right-click the event in the Event Viewer and select Attach Task To This Event.

Receiving Events from an Event Subscription

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