Event ID 1010 — CEIP Enrollment

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) Enrollment helps you interpret system messages that indicate the functional state of the CEIP enrollment notification system. Normally, notifications prompt you to join CEIP within three days of using a newly-installed Windows operating system for the first time.

Event Details

Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 1010
Source: Microsoft-Windows-CEIP
Version: 6.1
Message: A problem prevented the Customer Experience Improvement Program option notification from being displayed (Error %1).


No user action is required

The Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program was unable to present a notification to the user. An error occurred that prevented the notification from being shown. This failure has no adverse effects on other parts of the operating system, and no action is required of users.


Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) enrollment can be verified by viewing the settings of the registry key HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows\CEIPEnable. If CEIPEnable is set to 0, the computer is not participating in CEIP. If CEIPEnable is set to 1, the computer is participating in CEIP.

To perform these procedures, you must be a member of the Administrators group on the local computer, or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority.

To verify that the computer is participating in CEIP:

Caution: Incorrectly editing the registry might severely damage your system. Before making changes to the registry, you should back up any valued data.

  1. Open Registry Editor by clicking Start, typing regedit in Start Search, and then pressing ENTER.
  2. In the Registry Editor hierarchy pane, open HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows.
  3. In the results pane, double-click the registry key CEIPEnable.
  4. Examine the Value data field. If the value is set to 1, the computer is participating in CEIP.
  5. Close the registry key, and then close Registry Editor. If you are prompted to save changes, click No.

CEIP Enrollment

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