Fax Server

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

You can use the Fax Server role to create a fax server that provides a central administration point for configuring and managing your fax resources. You can manage the fax server using the Fax Service Manager tool that is installed when you install the Fax Server role in Server Manager.

Once you have created a fax server, you can use Fax Service Manager to:

  • Configure fax devices
  • Manage users
  • Set up routing policies for incoming faxes
  • Set up rules for outbound faxes to specific device groups
  • Set up archiving of faxes that have been previously sent or received
  • Configure logging to track the use of fax resources¬†


Hierarchy of Managed Entities

Managed Entities

Name Description

Fax Service Providers

Fax Service Providers (FSPs) manage devices and specify how faxes are processed. They are listed in Fax Service Manager at Fax\Devices and Providers\Providers. 

Fax Routing

You can manage incoming and outbound routing rules using Fax Service Manager.

Fax Activity

You can use Fax Service Manager to do the following:

  • Manage the Fax service
  • Configure parameters for sending and receiving faxes
  • Configure logging to track events and the use of fax resources in your organization
  • Configure delivery receipts

Fax Devices

A fax server must have one or more fax devices attached to it to send and receive faxes, and to process the analog communication from a telephone line. These devices are usually a fax model or fax board.

When the Fax Server role is installed, any fax devices are automatically detected and a local fax printer connection is created on the computer in the Printers folder in Control Panel. This fax printer represents all the fax devices that are attached to the computer. If you share and publish the fax printer, remote users can connect to this fax server to send and receive faxes with your fax devices.