Primary Channels

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

The System, Application, Setup, and Security channels are the primary channels. Each of these channels correspond to an event log that can be viewed in the Event Viewer. The System and Application channels are used by publishers to log administrator-level events. Such events indicate system or application-wide issues. When error or warning events are published to these channels, the events should indicate that the administrator should take an action to resolve the issue. The Setup channel is used for events associated with setup and installations. The Security channel is the repository of the system audit events.

Managed Entities

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Name Description

Security Channel

The Security log is the repository for the system audit events. These events describe security-related actions performed by the operating system (OS) and various components of the OS. The level of detail of the audit events depends on the system configuration settings. The number of events in the Security channel can be large. The events serve a number of purposes, from diagnostics to forensic investigations. Error events found in the Security channel can indicate that the system security is compromised. The system may be configured to restart when errors with the Security log are found.


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Primary Channel Initialization

Initialization of the primary channels must succeed for the Event Log service to continue its operation. An error event related to a primary channel initialization causes the Event Log service to terminate. This means that in most cases it is impossible to view the event, because viewing the event requires the Event Log service. When you find events that indicate the primary channel initialization failed, the errors occured in the past and this can indicate a problem that has been corrected or a transient condition that must be investigated.

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