Service Principal Name Configuration

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

Service principal names (SPNs) are stored as a property of the associated account object in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). An SPN is used by Kerberos to uniquely identify an account that is requesting access to a resource.


Event ID Source Message



The KDC encountered duplicate names while processing a Kerberos authentication request. The duplicate name is %1 (of type %2). This may result in authentication failures or downgrades to NTLM. In order to prevent this from occuring remove the duplicate entries for %1 in Active Directory.



A service ticket request by client %1 for %2 was rejected because User2User was required. The KDC responds with this error when a client requests a service ticket for a user principal (a security risk). The client must support User2User in order to obtain a service ticket for the requested service principal

Kerberos Key Distribution Center

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