Event ID 361 — Print Spooler Status

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.

Print Server Status controls basic operations such as initializing the spooler, creating threads, and reading the registry.

Event Details

Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 361
Source: Microsoft-Windows-PrintSpooler
Version: 6.1
Message: Printer %1 failed to initialize its ports. Win32 error: %2. This error usually occurs because of a problem with the port monitor. Try recreating the port using a standard TCP/IP printer port, if possible. This problem does not affect other printers.


Recreate the port and monitor

Recreate the port and monitor. Use the standard TCP/IP port monitor provided by Microsoft Windows, if possible. If you are using a port monitor provided by another company, you might need to contact that company to obtain updated software.

To recreate the port and monitor:

  1. Open Printers and Faxes.
  2. Click Add Printer to start the Add Printer Wizard, and then click Next.
  3. Click Local printer attached to this computer, clear the Automatically detect and install my Plug and Playprinter check box, and then click Next.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish setting up your printer by selecting a printer port, selecting the manufacturer and model of the printer, and typing a name for the printer.
  5. When the Add Printer Wizard prompts you to select the printer port, click Create a new port.
  6. In the list that is displayed, click the appropriate port type, and then follow the instructions. (Note that by default, Local Port and Standard TCP/IP Port are the only two port types that appear in the list.)


Perform the following tasks to verify that you resolved the problem:

  • Print the document again.
  • If the print server logs spooler information events, look for Print Spooler Event 10 after printing, and then examine the document to confirm that it printed correctly.

Print Spooler Status

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