Advanced Settings Dialog Box

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista

Use the Advanced Settings dialog box to configure additional affinitization settings that are based on the host name. You can specify the number of servers that are available for a host name to consume. You can also group domain names so that they are routed to the same application server. This gives you the ability to group several host names and treat them as one host name in order to affinitize them to the same application server.

UI Elements

Element Name Description

Host Name

Displays the host name of a site. This value can have only one host name specified and must not contain a space.

Alternate Host Names

Displays alternate host names for a site. The alternate host names are treated like the host name and will be affinitized to the same server. For example, is treated the same as If you have two or more alternate host names, use a comma to separate each host name. The list cannot contain any spaces before or after each comma. For example:,,

Number of Allocated Servers

Displays the number of servers that are available to use for the host name. The default value is 1. The values listed in this column will override the default value.


Removes the advanced settings for the selected host name.


Closes the Advanced Settings dialog box without saving any of the settings that you have just entered.

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