Server Farm Page

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista

Application Request Routing (ARR) uses several features to help you manage the servers in your server farm. These features include Server Affinity, Health Test, Load Balance, Monitoring and Management, Proxy, and Routing Rules. You can also use the Server Farm page to add servers, remove server farms, or bring a server farm online or take it offline.

For more information about servers, see the Servers Page. For more information about server farms, see the Server Farms Page.

UI Elements

Element Name Description

Group by

Lets you group the features by Area, Category, or No Grouping.

Health Test

Configures how ARR tests the health of application servers. For more information, see the Health Test Page.

Load Balance

Configures which load balance algorithm ARR should use to route incoming requests. For more information, see the Load Balance Page.

Monitoring and Management

Manages application servers and lets you view the runtime statistics of ARR. For more information, see the Monitoring and Management Page.


Configures proxy settings for ARR. For more information, see the Proxy Page.

Routing Rules

Defines simple URL Rewrite rules for ARR. For advanced scenarios, use the URL Rewrite module. For more information, see the Routing Rules Page.

Server Affinity

Configures how ARR maps requests to application servers. For more information, see the Server Affinity Page.

Actions Pane Elements

Element Name Description

Remove Server Farm

Deletes the selected server farm. You can delete only one server farm at a time. Removing the server farm will also remove the members of that server farm.

Bring Server Farm Online

Makes the selected server farm active. This enables you to use this server farm to route traffic.

Take Server Farm Offline

Takes the selected server farm offline so that new Web traffic cannot be routed to the servers in this server farm.

Add Servers

Opens the Add Servers dialog box. This enables you to add a new server. You can add more than one server at a time.

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