Applies To: Windows Server 2008

This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.

Hyper-V troubleshooting is focused on three services:

  • Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management (vmms.exe)
  • Hyper-V Image Management (vhdsvc)
  • Hyper-V Networking Management (nvspwmi)

If a high-availability solution is used with virtual machines, you may also need to manage the Windows Server 2008 Cluster service (clusssvc.exe). For further information on available switches for the Cluster service, see

Note:  The Failover Clustering feature is available in Windows Server 2008 Enterprise and Windows Server 2008 Datacenter. The feature is not available in Windows Web Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 Standard.


Hyper-V also includes a software package that improves integration between the physical computer and the virtual machine. This package contains integration services and virtual machine drivers. However, integration services are not managed using the Services MMC snap-in on the virtualization server.



The following is a list of all aspects that are part of this managed entity:

Name Description


This aspect refers to all the events referring to clustered virtual machines.

NVSPWMI service

This service provides the WMI interface for managing virtual network switches.

VHD Service

The VHD servcice provides Image Management servicing for Hyper-V.


The Virtual Machine Management Service (Vmms.exe)  is the service that uses WMI to perform Virtual System Management related operations in Hyper-V and the Hyper-V Manager.