Preventing Bridgehead Server Overload During a Transition

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Only read-only domain controllers (RODCs) perform automatic load-balancing across a set of bridgehead servers. Windows Server 2008 writeable domain controllers perform initial load-balancing, in a manner similar to Windows Server 2003 domain controllers, but they do not reassign connections to other bridgehead servers as new bridgehead servers are added. As a result, you should continue to monitor connection objects for bridgehead servers in hub sites until you have deployed RODCs to all the branch sites. For more information about automatic load-balancing for RODCs, see Review Bridgehead Server Load-Balancing Improvements with Windows Server 2008 RODCs.

If you cannot have all the bridgehead servers in the hub site be writeable Windows Server 2008 domain controllers before you begin to deploy RODCs in the branch offices, you can consider using these alternatives as a transition until all domain controllers in the environment run Windows Server 2008: