Review the Existing Active Directory Design

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Before you begin an installation of read-only domain controllers (RODCs) in a branch office location, review information about your existing Active Directory design, including information about the logical and physical designs. The logical design includes the forest, domain, and organizational unit (OU) structure for users, computers, and other resources. The physical design includes information such as network maps and site topology.

Knowing how many users and computers you have in the branch office can help you determine whether to deploy an RODC in a branch office. If you deploy an RODC, this information can also help you determine how to plan and administer the Password Replication Policy (PRP).

You can use a tool such as the Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer to create a visual diagram that includes the existing domains, sites, servers, administrative groups, and connections. The Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer is a free download at the Download Center (